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Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad

Canada Education consultants in Hyderabad

Shrinika Overseas Educon: Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad, Secunderabad & Telangana

Why Canada is becoming the most sought after country for international students wanting to pursue higher studies? SHRINIKA OVERSEAS EDUCON is the best Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad where students get admissions at CANADA.

We have listed a variety of reasons for choosing Canada as a study destination in our last blog:

A snippet from the blog shows the below reasons apart from Canada being the largest country in the Northern America region.

  1. Top Ranking Universities in the world
  2. Affordable tuition fees and cost of living
  3. Internationally recognized degree opportunity
  4. Part-time work is allowed with studies
  5. 1-3 Years of Post-Study Work Permit granted
  6. Lucrative job opportunities to earn in CAD after graduation
  7. Spouse Visas are allowed
  8. Easy Permanent Residency Options
  9. Financial aid and Scholarship Opportunities are available for many universities
  10. A multicultural experience with people from various ethnicities and culture

We have also taken you through the steps Shrinikha overseas consultants offer to make your dreams of overseas education come true.

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In this blog we want to give some clear perspective on the differences there are to choose a Canadian university over a US university:

Even though the US and Canada are close neighbours sharing a vast area of their borders there are a lot of differences between the two North American countries.

From politics, religion, currency, and food, to cultural differences we take a look at some of the biggest differentiators for an overseas student to pursue Canada over the US:

-The first and foremost is particularly more standing out right now as we see many visa rules changing continuously in the US. Especially the post-study work permits and opportunities are uncertain with changing new rules. Canadians are more welcoming of immigrants right now as they are focussing on building their skilled workforce and improving their economy.

-According to NPR, one-fifth of the population of Canada is foreign-born. With a multicultural ethos in Canada, any international student is also likely to fit in well and comfortably in the country.

-The cost of Studies is much cheaper in Canada than in the US. This is the second most important reason for students to choose Canada with the current situation of uncertainty looming over after pandemic recession, Canada is more affordable to overseas students with their tuition costs almost as low as a third of the costs in the US.

Canadian Universities also have much better funding opportunities since both federal and provincial governments support and encourage education. Due to a central cultural difference between the US and Canada where Canadians view education as a right of every resident than a privilege, the provincial and central governments want to make sure all of their residents old or young can fulfil their educational goals.

-In the US, standardized tests are part and parcel of the college-application process. However, admission to Canadian universities has a much simpler application process and might or might not be very particular about the standardized scores. Some universities do ask for the scores for easy sorting of their applicants but are more relaxed than in the US.

-Some of the universities in Canada have started accepting online English proficiency tests, while some are even accepting proficiency from language apps like Duolingo and many have made it lenient to take online classes before the entry into the accepted university.

-Unlike the popular belief that the US has maximum enrolments, the number of students enrolled in Canadian Universities is more than in the US. The biggest US state school, the University of Central Florida has about 66,000 students currently enrolled while on the other hand, the University of Toronto has more than 90,000 students enrolled with over 55,000 undergrad enrollments. So Canadian colleges are accepting more applicants and have more enrolments and admissions into their educational institutes.

-Unlike in the US where there are Ivy League schools and a hierarchy in the US institutions, there is no Ivy league equivalence in Canadian universities. So there is no reputation placed on the Institute itself as prestigious but on every graduate that graduates out with flying colors even from the remotest places of Canada.

-So does not have to worry about going only to the top tier institutes and known places but be free to explore any province or city in Canada to pursue their goals and studies.

With more than enough reasons to choose to Study in Canada Consultants in Hyderabad, our students have already started their career journeys and are willing to help the newly arriving students through our network. If you are planning to understand better and learn more about education in Canada, feel free to contact Shrinika Overseas Consultancy as we are the global leaders in international education consulting and specialize in Canadian Education Services in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana.

With our professional team, we have helped many students realize their education dreams overseas by helping them chose the right courses and the right Universities in Canada. We relentlessly work and make sure the process is clear and comprehensible to every student and want to provide the best quality education for our students.

We are the most trusted Overseas Education Consultants in the Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana area and our dedication and unwavering efforts have helped our students in achieving their career success and eventually in our companies success.

For Best Canada Education Consultants in Hyderabad, Secunderabad, Telangana Visit us at for more information or drop in with your queries and we will be happy to help. Canada is open its Jan 2021 intake now and we are ready to help you with the process if you want to grab this opportunity on time.

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