Shrinika is a global leader in international education services in general and Canada education Services in particular. We help students who aspire to pursue their Higher Education in Canada by helping them chose the right course at the Right University in Canada.

Advantage Aspiring International Student

Advise Students about College Admission, Courses

The colleges and university landscape abroad is like a maze and you are sure to get lost unless you have expert guidance.

Our counselors at Shrinika are trained to guide students about the college Admission process and ensure that each student meets the academic and registration requirements for the right course.With our years of experience today. We will guide aspiring students on :

  • What  will be the best course to choose when preparing for a career specific path ?

  • What are the various intakes available in the academic year?

  •  What are the required documents to be secured  ?

  • When the student has to submit the college applications and the required documents?and more…

These above are some of the queries our counselors will answer to both the students and parents as well.

Assist with Completion of Documents

For students and parents alike, Selecting the right college, the course which has Job prospects and applying to college can be a daunting and even confusing process. We at Shrinika help you with the completion of required documents, such as college essays and financial aid paperwork. We also help students gather information about courses taken, grades, grade point average and other pertinent details a college might ask for on an application.

Meet our students and have Virtual College Visits

We believe in reality and leave no stone unturned to ensure that you have a smooth process right from Day one.We take pride in telling you about our past student success and help you get connected with them so that you get the Real-Feel of the College, the courses, the City/Town where the College is located. This Virtual experience will leave very less doubts in your mind and will get you mentally prepared for the journey ahead.

To Summarize

  • We Coordinate for the necessary paperwork to help you with the college admissions requirements
  • Communicating with college admissions and financial aid departments
  • Developing programs to teach students and parents about the college admissions process
  • Assisting students with finding out about scholarships and other supportive programs
  • Assessing student’s academic progress to meet requirements of specific collegesand college programs.

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